The Great Rock and Roll Trivia Quiz! Part 1

iggypopIf you’re like me (and you are), you enjoy both rock music and the useless accumulation of various bits of arcana within. I’m talkin’ ’bout trivia. I’m more specifically talkin’ ’bout a challenge to you loyal members of the “Rockarinos Club!” I hereby present a medium-difficulty set of trivia questions pertaining to rock music. There are only a few rules:

1. When you take this quiz, you must close all other browsers and rely on nothing other than your own brain for the answers. Also, if you’re the kind of person who cheats at trivia and then lies about it, you should go look in the mirror for like an hour, because you’re a fucking loser.

2. If you choose not to take the quiz, please don’t leave the answers in the comments. That’s lame.

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3. If you genuinely want to play, email me all the answers together:


We will see how this goes.

The Questions: 

1. 70’s star Todd Rundgren got his start in which 1960’s power pop group?

2. Everyone knows that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is the father of actress Liv Tyler. Who is Liv Tyler’s mother?

3. Iggy Pop and the Stooges briefly practiced and lived in an old fraternity house near the campus of what university? 

4. Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joined what alternative rock band from 2006-2009?

5. Which female recording artist was born Christa Paffgen?

6. Which 70’s solo artist collaborated with guitarist Mick Ronson for several albums in the first half of the decade?

7. Who wrote the song “Hallelujah?”

8. What city spawned Smashing Pumpkins, Veruca Salt and Big Black?

9. Who delivered the immortal line, “Hey, pizza! Great! Dig in!” in the film Rock and Roll High School?

10. What popular quartet was, as legend has it, originally called “The Twisted Kites”? This myth was actually dispelled earlier this year. 

11. True or False: Billy Joel is gradually turning into Shrek. 

If you think you can hack it, remember to follow the rules and send my ass an email!

Good luck, website people!

Photo: Iggy Pop in 1977 (By Michael Markos [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

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