Song of the Day: Motel Beds “Smoke Your Homework”

Christopher Tahy Recalls: To prep for the impending interview with Motel Beds frontman Paul John Paslosky and the announcement of their follow up to 2012’s Dumb Gold, Mind Glitter, I thought I’d get introductions out of the way. Though last year saw the Misra Records-released “hits” collection These Are They Days Gone By, Mind Glitter has been a huge anticipation for me. To build the anticipation and to help acclimate, I present to you “Smoke Your Homework.” The lead single off past album Dumb Gold — as well as featured on These Are The Days Gone By — “Smoke Your Homework” is just plain fun and it shows in song and video. Taking influences from The Strokes, Guided By Voices, and Brit-pop, “Smoke Your Homework” is a rocker from verse to chorus and everywhere in between. Motel Beds are a breath of breezy sunshine that’s not afraid to show some edge. While there’s more to say about these guys, I’ll save it for the interview, enjoy rockers!

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