List: Top 5 Tool Deep Cuts

aenimaMy hope is that if I feature Tool enough on this website it will magically coax a new album to drop within the coming months. If that isn’t the case, then we can still celebrate what Maynard and Co. have brought us over the 25 years they’ve been together. The great thing about this list is that I’m going to “Pushit” deeper and avoid all the singles and easy choices. This is going to be a list composed of one song each from their studio and Opiate EP efforts. So prepare to get dark and freaky as we count them down to get to our No. 1 deep cut. This being a Tool list, parental discretion is advised. Please enjoy the final video too, it’s always a good laugh.

No. 5
“Cold and Ugly”

No. 5 was one of the toughest choices since it comes to us from Tool’s Opiate EP. The first offering from Tool, Opiate offers a collection of live and studio offerings. If you let the album play after final song “Opiate” there’s a hidden song called “The Gaping Lotus Experience.” With that being said, “Cold and Ugly” has to be our No. 5. A fantastically short breakdown and solo plus Maynard’s opening color color commentary, “Throw that Bob Marley wannabe mother fucker outta here.”

No. 4
10,000 Days
“Right In Two”

“Right In Two” shows that Tool isn’t afraid to be lucid as well as heavy. While Tool has never been straightforward with their song meanings, “Right In Two” seems to point out the human race has a hard time coexisting.

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No. 3
“Hooker With A Penis”

Maynard only wanted to offer up some advice with this song. What is that you may ask? Well the chorus goes as follows, “Well now I’ve got some advice for you, little buddy/Before you point the finger you should know that I’m the man/And if I’m the man, Then you’re the man, and he’s the man as well/So you can point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.” It’s very simple really as well as a kick ass song.

No. 2
“The Grudge”

Hell of a way to kick off an album, especially one such as Lateralus. Lengthy and sprawling, powerful and controlled “The Grudge” depicts links to the zodiac. It hints strongly towards Aries and Capricorn and could be a message for all people that holds grudges.


While it was the title of the album, it was never actually debuted as a single. Catchy in its repetitious riff, Jones, Keenan, Carey, and D’Amour are all the the top of their game. It’s heavy and encapsulates everything that make Tool a force to be reckoned with. Undertow was actually the last album to feature bassist Paul D’Amour.

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