Review: Iron and Wine & Ben Bridwell – Sing Into My Mouth

3.5 OUT OF 5 NUTS!

singintomymouthPerhaps the only remotely negative thing that can be said about this delightful covers album is that it never quite tops the opening track. When your source material is the classic Talking Heads song “This Must Be the Place,” you’re working with quality ingredients.  Sam Beam (the lone member of Iron and Wine) and Ben Bridwell infuse David Byrne’s song with wistful slide guitar and sonorous piano and create something entirely new in the process. The album frequently delights throughout, and includes great interpretations of Ronnie Lane and John Cale tracks (among others,) but doesn’t again reach the heights of “This Must Be The Place.” Of course, the great thing about such an eclectic covers album is that different people will respond to it differently. My love for the Talking Heads, I have no doubt, plays a substantial role in my preference for the opening track. Southern Rock fans may take more delight in their cover of Marshall Tucker Band’s “Ab’s Song.”

Of course, Beam’s voice has always been his greatest asset and greatest liability. Don’t get me wrong. I love Sam Beam’s voice, but it’s just so damn soothing. I almost missed my train stop because of the laid-back vibe that this album is able to effortlessly invoke. Ultimately, the middle of the album becomes a bit of a slog due to reliance on mid-tempo snoozers, but Sing Into My Mouth is able to perpetually hold the listener’s interest while crossing multiple genres. Even if the album is a bit uneven in execution, the breadth of Beam and Bridwell’s repertoire is nonetheless impressive. It’s enough to make me wish these two would team up on future projects.

Can’t Miss Tracks:

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This Must Be the Place (the title of this album is also a reference to this song, so I feel like they knew it was the best one)

Done This One Before

You Know More Than I Know

Coyote, My Little Brother


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  1. I feel like I need to 1,000 miles from anyone, laying on a blanket in the middle of the Great Plains to handle Iron and Wine…

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