News: Ex Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is holding an exhibition of his art this month

blacksabbathAccording to, ex Black Sabbath drummer is set to debut his art show Absence of Corners in LA at Fathom Gallery in the California Market Center on August 15 and 16. To quote Ward, “We’re gonna be looking at my artwork that I did with brushes. A lot of people have been very stimulated and very excited by the art exhibition, and the paintings that we achieved last year.”

I can only imagine that Ward has some free time on his hands due to him not taking part in any of the groups activities since February of 2012. Sabbath has announced one final album and tour however Ward still seem to be out due to a war of words between Ozzy Osbourne and Ward. The art is inspired by rhythem and high-end technology. Previews can be seen here on Ward’s art page:

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