Review: Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

3.5 OUT OF 5 NUTS!

wolfalice-myloveiscoolThere’s a lot to like about Wolf Alice’s My Love Is Cool, the debut album from one of the latest it-bands in the U.K. rock scene. There’s a lot to digest, too. Wolf Alice, who have been around since 2010 and gained popularity through singles, EPs and live shows, brings several different styles to the table, and while you might not dig all of it, you’ll find plenty of likable material in this album.

The album starts off with the spacey opener “Turn to Dust,” where versatile singer Ellie Rowsell’s versatile voice floats smoothly over a soothing, ethereal sound. From there, the album shifts to “Bros,” a reworked version of a 2013 song that feels like “Dreams” by The Cranberries crossed with The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979.” It’s a light, irresistible ode to friendship:

Shake your hair, have some fun
Forget our mothers and past lovers, forget everyone
Oh, I’m so lucky, you are my best friend
Oh, there’s no one, there’s no one who knows me like you do

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Are your lights on?
Are your lights still on?
I’ll keep you safe
You keep me strong

Following “Bros” are two quality alternative rockers in “Your Loves Whore” and “Moaning Lisa Smile,” then “You’re a Germ,” which feels at times like something from Avril Lavigne (which may be good or bad, depending on your tastes). Later on, there’s the anthemic “Silk,” which feels ready-made for a live audience sing-along:

Wolf Alice rocks a little harder on “Giant Peach,” which has guitar passages that feel like a somewhat less-angry Rage Against the Machine, and the grungier “Fluffy”. The album dips a little towards the end on the slower “Swallowtail,” where drummer Joel Amey takes over on vocals, and “Soapy Water.”

Wolf Alice may not have picked a single, stylistic path on this album, but the album gives the impression they could be successful in any path they might take. “Turn to Dust,” “Bros,” “Moaning Lisa Smile,” “Silk,” and “Giant Peach” all offer intriguing possibilities. For now, it for the most part all comes together somewhat well on My Love Is Cool, which more than anything suggests that maybe the best path is to keep it diverse and leaves the impression that Wolf Alice’s best is yet to come.

Release Date: June 23, 2015

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