Can Apple Music catch Spotify?

macApple went on the record this week announcing that the company has signed up 11 million users for its free trial. “We’re thrilled with the numbers so far,” Apple exec Eddy Cue told USA Today this week.

It’s a staggering number considering that Apple Music Launched just two months ago. Spotify enjoys a nice lead, though. The free version has 75 million users – 20 million of whom pay for the premium service (myself included).

Hardcore music fans will probably have a combination of streaming providers – especially as some artists choose one platform over another. Then, there are the artists (like Neil Young) who largely shun streaming providers.

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Apple’s entering a crowded but rapidly growing field with its online streaming service. Other competitors include Deezer (16 million active users and six million subscribers), Rhapsody/Napster (three million subscribers) and Tidal (770,000 subscribers), per NME.

The Financial Times cites predictions from Andrew Sheehy, an analyst at Generator Research: “(Sheehy) projected that Apple Music would have 3.3m paying users by the end of 2015 and 33m by 2020, but Spotify would have 22.8m at end of 2015 and 65m by 2020. … Apple have released an OK product [with Apple Music], but any rational person has to say the company has not revolutionised the streaming market. Apple will do very well, but Spotify are so far ahead now we think they will continue to be the leader.”

3 comments to “Can Apple Music catch Spotify?”
  1. I am also a Spotify loyalist! However I cannot figure out why anyone would pay for the service UNLESS you were allowed to DOWNLOAD & OWN a certain amount of songs/albums – EVEN if you decide to go back to being a Non-Paying listener!!

    • I look at it like paying for cable TV, cell phone service or Netflix… Considering how much I use it and how many different artists/albums I have access to, it makes financial sense for me.

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