Song of the Day: Led Zeppelin – “We’re Gonna Groove”

Christopher Tahy Recalls: If you’re a fan of rock music then chances are you’ve picked up the Led Zeppelin DVD that featured three legendary gigs: Royal Albert Hall (1970) footage and the later Earl’s Court (1975) and Knebworth (1979) concerts. When I was younger and I had my parents’ house all to myself, I’d gather up my wah wah pedal, my overdrive pedal, my Marshall, and my PRS SE Singlecut, and I’d set it up all in the living room in front of the TV. Then, I’d crank up my volume and turn on the Royal Albert Hall gig. Nothing could stop me then — I was playing alongside Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham… not well of course. As soon as We’re Gonna Groove” kicked in it was pure energy. “We’re Gonna Groove” is a song written by soul artist Ben E. King and his songwriting partner James A. Bethea with the original title “Groovin’.” It was of course covered here by Led Zeppelin and was also supposed to appear on Led Zeppelin II but instead appeared more heavily-produced on 1982’s Coda. A hell of a track if your not familiar with the live version.

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