Song of the Day: Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block (2000)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: This is one of my desert island tracks. Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough, exploded onto the scene in 2000, but has faced a series of setbacks since then, including battles with depression and a series of meltdowns on stage. But the guy’s a great talent, with a natural ear for melody and sound design. This track has some amazing guitar sounds, from the wah-wah pedal rhythm to the transition solo that has a vinyl record sound effect layered on top. Plus nice backing vocals and a really beautiful, sexy lyric:

You quiver like a candle on fire
I’m putting you out
Maybe tonight we could be the last shout
But I’m fascinated by your style
Your beauty will last for a while

You’re feeling instead of being
The more that I live on the inside
There’s nothing to give
I’m infatuated by your moves
I got to search out for your clues

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I want to repair your desire
And call it a gift that I stole from,
just wanting to live
Now I see the vision through your eyes
Your innocence no longer fuels surprise

Trying to outrun your fear
You’re running to lose, heart on your sleeve
And your soul in your shoes
Take a left, a sharp left
And another left, meet me on the corner
And we’ll start again

The Boy Who Draws Badly has just begun a 15th Anniversary tour of this great album The Hour Of Bewilderbeast, so here’s hoping he’s put his troubles behind him and makes some more great music.

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