The Beatles — Helter Skelter (Early Take) (1968)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: Paul McCartney saw a Pete Townshend quote about making the “raunchiest, loudest, most ridiculous rock ‘n’ roll record you’ve ever heard”, and he decided that’s what he wanted to do with the Beatles. So he sat down to write Helter Skelter. But as you can hear from this early take, the song evolved a lot in the studio. It doesn’t start off very raunchy or loud at all, really more of a bluesy feel, but the main riff of the song is there from the beginning. As usual, the lyrics would see some editing, too. “Helter Skelter, hell for leather” conjures up something different altogether. But here’s the thing: this take would turn into a massive 27-minute epic rock jam, which has become the Holy Grail for Beatles bootleg collectors. Apparently it absolutely blows the roof off, but sadly it has yet to be revealed on You Tube or anywhere else, and so it remains another mysterious little piece of Beatle mythology.

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