Song of the Day: Shpongle – “Flute Fruit”

Captain Quirk Recalls: The tripped-out, psychedelic electronic duo Shpongle isn’t rock n’ roll, but I thought this would be a very appropriate song given the fact that flute is the subject of the day here. (Shpongle is also a very appropriate act to match with Fred’s piece about drugs yesterday.) Shpongle incorporates the flute quite frequently into their music given group member Raja Ram’s talents on the instrument. There are several Shpongle songs where the flute is prevalent, but none more so than this beautiful, stirring flute solo that served as the closing to their album Tales of the Inexpressible. It really is quite lovely. Also check out the much longer “Around the World in a Tea Daze” from the same album if you’re looking for more flute sound.

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