New Material on the Way from Jimmy Page?

jimmypageWhen we posted an update earlier in the month about the final releases of Led Zeppelin’s reissued albums, there was a quote in there from Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page about how he was the only member of the band who hadn’t been touring. Well, maybe a tour will come someday soon — a solo tour.

Page says that he has new material in store that could be on the way.

“I’ve got new material,” Page said, per Rolling Stone. “I’ve played guitar in so many different styles, and I want to revisit them all.”

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Page, who had been working on the reissues, plans on getting to work as soon as the reissues are released, which will be on July 31.

“I’ll wipe my brow, lay in bed and read the paper… I’ll pick up the guitar, and I won’t stop from that point on,” Page said.

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