Song of the Day: The Feelies – Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey)

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Jordan Posner Recalls: A while back, our own Rich Karfilis wrote an excellent article on Beatles cover songs. Despite the fact that I respect the hell out of him as a writer, I will still call “dogshit” based on the mere fact that he failed to include every Beatles cover of note in a finite article. How dare he? Why didn’t he literally read my mind as to what constitutes “of note”? Needless to say, I’m furious. And as horrible people who are furious are wont to do in this day and age, I will take to Ol’ Uncle Internet to voice my terrible opinions disguised as helpful advice. Or I”ll talk about this instead. But seriously, The Feelies were the best kind of wiry early 80’s post-punk. They could create a drone to rival the Velvet Underground while maintaining the rhythmic integrity that would come to define modern groups like Vampire Weekend. Their album Crazy Rhythms is entirely worth checking out, and this completely random Beatles cover continues to delight all these years later. The nervous energy that the group brings to the 1968 track is a complete overhaul of a B-Side Classic. While the original song appears on 68’s The Beatles (better known as “The White Album”) the Feelies’ interpretation brings a whole new spin to a previously relaxed song. Through the lens of a few years, one of the standout tracks on everyone’s second-favorite White Album disc takes on a crackling and popping new life. It’s a shame the Feelies didn’t sustain their early 80’s popularity for longer, even as a cover act. I would have loved to see them tackle some of Motown’s classics. That could potentially go horribly wrong but could also be so glorious. Just imagine them doing “Dancing in the Street.” Or “Monster Mash” for that matter. Really, imagine anyone doing “Monster Mash.”

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