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tysegallLast week I kept talking about artist Ty Segall like he was the best thing since sliced bread. While he may not be for everyone, his prolific energy and shape-sifting musical styles make him a volatile artist. His surf band The Traditional Fools is garage with a fuck-it-all attitude. His solo albums have great cohesion all while communicating something all their own. Finally, his heavier stuff thrashes with a hardcore, 1970’s hard rock flair. With the release of FUZZ’s II, his molten, riff bending power trio I figured it would be beneficial to do a top 5 catch-up on what you have missed from Segall so far.


Fuzz is an album that goes up in a cloud of smoke. It could easily be The Stooges covering Hawkwind. Here, believe it or not, Ty takes on vocal and drumming duties never touching a guitar. It’s heavy, it’s dumb, and it gets me to bang my head every time — what more could you want?

4. Sleeper

With Sleeper, Ty picked up his acoustic guitar and made something that owes less to Sabbath and more to Tyrannosaurus Rex-era Marc Bolan. Sleeper was the most personal Ty has ever gotten. Sleeper was the purge for Ty after his adopted father had died after a long battle with cancer. The artist then severed ties with his mother and basically raised his sister own his own. A beautiful album with it’s tone and pacing.

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3. Twins

Believe it or not, Ty released three albums in the year of 2012, opening the year with Goodbye Bread then following up with the afore mentioned Slaughterhouse, and finally finishing up with Twins. Twins is a fantastic throwback to the 60’s while still maintaining a sounds all its own. A lot of people would consider it his finest and most fully-realized album up until that point.


The only album recorded under the moniker of Ty Segall Band, and like his FUZZ debut it’s a beast. It was recorded as a four-piece including Ty, of course, Emily Rose Epstein on drums, his FUZZ band mate Charles Moothart on guitar, and exceptional song writer Mikal Cronin providing bass and backing vocals. While the ending track “Fuzz War” is a 10 minute noise blanket, the songs are a hook-filled, heavy sound that’s hard to replicate. There’s also a cover of Bo Diddley’s “Diddy Wah Diddy” — HELL YEAH!!!


Once you hear this album it is fair to say that it’s Ty’s magnum opus. A double album that spans close to an hour, it was really hard not to put every track on here. Incorporating styles from all of his other projects, if you show the slightest interest in Ty Segall with my other suggestions, then this is the cream of the crop and a true stand out for the year 2014.

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  1. Very happy to see the first Fuzz record and Slaughterhouse in here, as those two are my favorite. Only recently discovered how great Manipulator is as well. Ty’s heavier stuff is by far my favorite.

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