Commuter Music: ‘Oh, What A Life,’ American Authors

americanauthors-ohwhatalifeThe Brooklyn-based, summery, folksy rock quartet known as American Authors is a new band on the rock ‘n’ roll scene, having released its first album just last year. While their sound is often described as “indie pop,” “commercial rock,” and a Mumford & Sons/Fun. hybrid, I still believe it’s justifiable to file American Authors in the “rock” category. I’d put them in the same camp as Bastille, Walk the Moon, or Neon Trees.

That being said, their debut album “Oh, What A Life” is definitely a winner for summertime driving.

The basics: This album is the quintessential summer rock album, complete with feel-good lyrics and folk additives—like a banjo and a mandolin—thrown into the mix.

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Why it’s good: Everyone needs a go-to summer rock band, and American Authors fits the bill: it’s new, hip, fresh, and a guaranteed mood-lifter.

Recommendations: Turn it up and roll all the windows down. Roll into work blasting “Best Day Of My Life” and your day will be so much better, trust me.

The Rundown: Beginning with the upbeat “Believer,” American Authors is on a mission to make you chill out and slow down with their happy folksy rocking. The band exhorts you not to “over think about it,” before confidently asserting that “this is gonna be the best day of my life.” The light lyrics gain more depth with the fourth track, “Luck,” claiming it’s better for a man to make his own life (and his own luck, of course) rather than keep himself trapped in one mindset about how life is supposed to be. “I am my own man, I make my own luck,” frontman Zac Barnett sings. Every good rock album needs a “freedom” track, and for “Oh, What A Life,” this is it. Other songs with more substance include “Home” and “Love,” interspersed with the estival “Trouble,” “Hit It,” and slightly angsty “Heart Of Stone” and “Ghost.”


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