Song of the Day: Trombone Shorty – Fire and Brimstone (2013)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: OK, I’ve already expressed my weakness for the trombone, and I’ve tried to make a case that the trombone belongs in Rock music. Sure, the trombone’s natural home is in jazz, and Trombone Shorty is usually categorized as a jazz artist.

But in my books, this is a Rock song. If you isolated the drums, bass and guitar, you’d never guess it was a jazz construction, because it isn’t. The use of the trombone as the solo instrument may cause some people to disqualify it as a Rock song, but that would be close-minded thinking that needs to be overcome. Did the Troggs’ use of an ocarina solo prevent Wild Thing from become one of the most-loved Rock songs of all time?

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