Review: Bully – Feels Like

3.5 OUT OF 5 NUTS!

bully-feelslikeBully brings a familiar alt-rock sound that is reminding people of the early ’90s scene, something at which they are very successful. Their first full-length album Feels Like delivers 31 minutes of enjoyable rock that is equal parts punk, grunge, and pop-rock, and establishes the Nashville foursome as an up-and-comer worthy of your attention.

The muscle behind Bully is singer, songwriter and guitarist Alicia Bognanno, who effortlessly fluctuates between soothing pop vocals and loud, angry wails. Whether it’s punk aggression or that familiar ’90s alt-rock sound, Bognanno and Bully deliver the goods.

A high point of the album is “Trying,” where Bognanno’s introspection (I question everything/My focus, my figure, my sexuality/And how much it matters or why it would mean anything/I can’t keep together, I’ve been better/I’ve been thinking about it every night) and howling chorus (Trying to hate from my mind, I am/Trying all the time, I am) work together to create an irresistible single.

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Another is the pop-punk flavored “Brainfreeze,” one of four songs on the album repackaged from Bully’s self-titled 2014 EP:

One knock on Bully that is floating around is that they don’t do anything that you haven’t heard before, but does it really matter when it’s executed at a high level? Such is the case with Feels Like. It might not reinvent the wheel, but that’s just fine. Feels Like rocks, plain and simple, and that’s more than enough.


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