Song of the Day: McCartney-Grohl-Novoselic-Smear — Cut Me Some Slack (2013)

Rich Karfilis Recalls: There’s been a tendency over the years to characterize Paul McCartney as the “sweet” Beatle and John Lennon as the “gritty” one, but it is a basically inaccurate assessment and one McCartney has been constantly fighting back against. The truth is both had an incredibly wide range as singers and songwriters, which is one reason the band was as great as it was.

McCartney was responsible for “Helter Skelter”, the backward guitar loops on “Tomorrow Never Knows”, and some of the greatest guitar licks the band ever churned out, including the solos on “Taxman” and “Good Morning Good Morning”. And a couple of years ago he took another step to solidify his Rock bona fides by collaborating with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear, and it sure ain’t no silly little love song.

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