SONG OF THE DAY: Wand – “Self Hypnosis In 3 Days”

Christopher Tahy Recalls: As this is my first Rocknuts post, I’d love to show an interesting portion of my multifaceted rock love. There’s really only one way to say this, Wand rocks. Releasing one of the best/unique albums of 2014 with their debut Ganglion Reef. Wand had the balls to release their follow up, Golem, in under a years time from their debut. The even crazier part is a psychedelic, sludgy change up almost helped top Ganglion Reef.

“Self Hypnosis In 3 Days” is only the tip of the ice burg as you fall into a onset of space rock madness. Aside from the heft, Wand creates a mini epic that only inspires one reflex, slowly banging your head while throwing your fists into the air.

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