SONG OF THE DAY: Percy Sledge – When a Man Loves a Woman

Sir Rocknuts Recalls: Percy Sledge just left us a few weeks ago and he left us this classic, as well. Presaging “Whiter Shade of Pale” with similar bass lines and thrilling vocals, this is a song “written by” Calvin Lewis and Andrew Wright that Percy Sledge swore was stolen from him and a tune he used to sing while he was working in a studio in Alabama. A local DJ Quin Ivy agreed to help shape Sledge’s song into a full-fledged single, hiring Spooner Oldham to play a distinctive, legato organ phrase. Ivy then released the single independently and quickly licensed it to Atlantic Records, who quickly bought out Sledge’s contract. Lewis and Wright were then able to change the writing credits. The music is built around a commonly used descending bass line chord progression as in Pachelbel’s Canon, or Bach’s Air on the G string, as was WSOP…

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