SONG OF THE DAY: Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath

Sir Rocknuts Recalls: One of Ian Anderson’s favorite live tunes (great posing and a killer flute solo…) “Locomotive Breath” was recorded in a rather unusual manner as the entire track was pieced together from overdubs. All the parts of the song were recorded separately. It was said that all of these recordings were then overdubbed onto each other because Anderson was finding it difficult to communicate his musical ideas about the song to the other band members. The term “locomotive breath” refers to the steam exhaust from a steam locomotive. Jeffrey Hammonds’ bass guitar one of the great throbbing simple bass lines in rock .And the unique bluesy piano intro that sounds like a Casablanca cocktail bar companion piece really distinguishes an unusual song.

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    • Well, up to that point Tull had been more of an introspective folk rock group. Even though this album was huge for them we considered I a bit of a sell out to consumerism. But, what do we know?

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