SONG OF THE DAY: Cat Butt – “Freebase”

Captain Quirk Recalls: Cat Butt was a band to come out of the Seattle scene in the late 1980s. Their only full-length album, Journey to the Center of Catbutt was released by SubPop Records in 1988. How exactly does a band name themselves Cat Butt? “According to (lead guitarist James) Burdyshaw, (vocalist David) Duet came up with the moniker Catbutt because he and his girlfriend were either stoned and became enamored by their feline’s behind, or Duet thought his girlfriend’s dreadlocks looked like a cat’s rear end,” wrote Stephen Howell of All Music Guide. “Duet also joked that the name evolved from the secret recipe in his Grandma’s meat pies.” Sounds about right.

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