Rock Is Dead They Say? No, the Kids Are Alright!

sir-rocknuts-500The Who said all that – and said it best. The Who also said “I hope I die before I get old” so don’t hang on every word from Pete Townsend and the guys.

Let’s talk about the kids, though. Have they been “Led” astray these days? Not if you take to heart the video posted on Facebook a week or so ago that should reaffirm your faith in humanity and the amazing life affirming power of rock and roll.
As an on-point aside, when I was in elementary school and played in the band (piano, trumpet and tuba), we were drilled on the most dreary possible marching music or really weak renditions of Broadway show tunes. Most of us dropped out. Some of us formed real bands. But I might have stuck with the school band a little longer if I had an inspired teacher like the one in this video. For those of you that haven’t seen this young school band playing Led Zeppelin, you are in for a treat:

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For full disclosure, and in case you were one of the couple of million who – by the time you read this – already had seen the too-cute video, this same class did “Crazy Train” a couple years ago, too:

And so to end where we began, Who’s next?


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