This Day in Rock History: April 30

keithmoonThere aren’t many figures (if any) in rock history who are more fun to read about than the late Keith Moon. The former Who drummer was known for his crazy antics, including trashing hotel rooms, flushing explosives down toilets, destroying his drum kit, and, legend has it, diving into an empty swimming pool.

On this day in 1976, Moon trashed a hotel room in a different way. Moon supposedly paid several New York City cab drivers $100 each to block off the streets in front of his hotel. That gave Moon the space he needed to safety empty the contents of his hotel room onto the street below.

Why was Moon so destructive? To entertain others, according to his former assistant Peter ‘Dougal’ Butler.

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“He was trying to make people laugh and be Mr Funny, he wanted people to love him and enjoy him, but he would go so far,” Butler said, via Mod Culture. “Like a train ride you couldn’t stop.”

Moon the Loon was indeed entertaining, although probably much more so to those of us reading about him than those who had to clean up his mess.


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