No End in Sight for Rolling Stones

Keith-Richards_and_guitarThe Rolling Stones are in their 53rd year and still going strong as they are about to embark on a North American tour. How much longer can they keep the touring up?

As long as they can, says Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

“As long as I feel like it and there’s people to listen to it, we’ll do it,” Richards said in an interview with Rolling Stone (click here for more).

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Richards, 71, commented on what he’d like to see the band accomplish before stepping aside.

“I’d like to see just how far they can evolve,” Richards said. “I have no demands or particular visions for them, but you’re just part of this thing and I want to see how far it will go.”

Richards, who has a solo album coming out soon, says a new Rolling Stones album could be on the horizon as well.

“We’re talking about doing some recording after this tour, but there’s nothing definite,” Richards said. “We just threw out the idea. I’d like to get the boys back in the studio again, yeah. Anything can happen.”

Photo credit: Dina Regine. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Another album would make their 25th studio album! I always wonder if they even remember the words to some of their songs… If you say there’s an average of 10 songs per disc, that’s 240 songs!

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