Rolling Stones May Get “Sticky” On Tour

kintsugiRolling Stones fans may get a chance to hear one of the band’s best albums played in its entirety during shows on this summer’s tour.

Stones lead singer Mick Jagger told Rolling Stone magazine that the band may play the album Sticky Fingers from start to finish during live sets in connection with the May 26th special edition release of the album.

“We’re floating the idea of playing the whole album,” Jagger said.. “At the very least, we’ll play the songs we don’t normally play.”

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However, while it would be great for fans to hear songs like “Sister Morphine” played live for the first time in years, Jagger added that he isn’t sure every song would play well to a live audience.

“Maybe we’d play it and everyone would say, ‘Great,’ but maybe they’ll get restless and start going to get drinks,” Jagger said.

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