Damn you, Duchovny, you can rock, too

When I first heard the news that David Duchovny was releasing a rock album, I fought the urge to groan. It’s got to suck, I thought. Or else, it’s going to be hella good, and Duchovny’s proof that some guys just lead charmed lives.

Duchovny went to Princeton and Yale. He got to co-star with Gillian Anderson in X-Files. He married Téa Leoni. He just published a best-selling allegorical novel, Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale, and now he’s set to release a rock album.

All we have to listen to right now is the title track and one teaser, but I have to admit they’re catchy, particularly Another Year:

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“Once I started playing music, I started thinking, ‘Gee, I should be able to write lyrics,'” Duchovny told Rolling Stone. “And I just fell backwards into the whole thing. It’s just been a real pleasure in my life, regardless of who buys it and what people think of it when it comes out. It’s been a lifesaver just to be able to play music, write songs and think about singing songs to friends.”

Duchovny’s album Hell or Highwater is due out May 12. The title album is out now on Spotify and Amazon.

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  1. Speaking of guys who lead charmed lives, what do you think about the Bacon Brothers? Or, for that matter, Thirty Seconds to Mars (seems like they are a good candidate for this site)?

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